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In My Feelings Challenge Kiki Challenge or Shiggy Challenge What is it and how did the viral dance craze start?

#InMyFeelings Challenge! Is Jumping Out of Cars for Social Media Attention

In just over two weeks, over half a million clips of people attempting the #InMyFeelingsChallenge have been posted on Instagram, including celebrities such as Will Smith, Kevin Hart and Ciara.

The In My Feelings challenge was started by Instagram comedian Shiggy who, on June 29, posted a video of himself dancing in the street – or ‘doing the shiggy’, as he called it – to Drake’s track In My Feelings, taken from his latest album Scorpion.

The dance involves moves that perfectly sync up to Drake’s lyrics which, unlike the Mannequin Challenge – which simply involved standing still while Rae Sremmurd’s Black Beatles played in the background – is actually rather complicated.

Social media users find ways to entertain themselves and the medium has become a great way of interaction across borders. One such thing unifying the users globally are the various social media challenges that come up every once in a while. It does not take long for a challenge that started somewhere reach among different people in different areas. While some challenges do have their purpose, others seem utterly useless in the name of entertainment.

The recent social media challenge is based on singer Drake’s song ‘In My Feelings.’ The song is already a popular track, but now an Instagram user called theshiggyshow made it into a challenge. Now to carry it on, some people are literally getting out of running cars to dance on the song and complete it.

Now a lot of videos are coming online. But some people are getting out on road and dancing. Some stepped out of moving cars and danced along as the car slowly paced forward. To show they are extra and gain more appreciation, people do not mind risking their lives.

Take a look at videos of people jumping out of cars for #InMyFeelings Challenge:

A video of a man in Pakistan doing the Keke challenge is going viral. Wearing a Pathan suit, the man is seen stepping out of his car and doing the moves on the road as someone records it from inside, much like in most of the videos. His quirky moves however as left people on Instagram in splits.

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