Home News #JusticeForZahra: Journalist Ali Salman Arrested For Allegedly Torturing & Killing Wife

#JusticeForZahra: Journalist Ali Salman Arrested For Allegedly Torturing & Killing Wife

Sadaf Zahra Picture

A woman by the name of Sadaf Zahra has been reportedly murdered by her husband, the reason being regular abuse and cheating on part of the husband.

Zahra was an educated woman, who had gotten married three years before to Ali Salman. She had a daughter from her husband a year back.

How cruel the fact is that the one person whom she loved and got married to finally at the age of 37, could be the reason behind the end of her life too?

Zahra married Ali Salman without knowing what kind of a person he was. Initially, he proved to be loving and a caring husband, but after some time he started cheating on her. It is reported that he was having affairs with few other women in Islamabad and used to blackmail them on a frequent basis.

Ali Salman who is reportedly a journalist and a columnist, an educated man in his own way, has proved to be yet another illiterate, uncivilized person who has no regard for womenfolk. Although he was advocating women’s rights, what’s the use of all the facade when he was practicing domestic abuse with his own wife?

When Zahra caught him cheating, she advised him to stop his immoral habits, but he went on committing them. According to sources, he then started to beat his wife frequently.

The unfortunate part is that Zahra being an educated and well aware woman, couldn’t raise her voice against her dominant husband. Maybe he was threatening her?

According to sources close to Zahra’s family, the cause of her death by her post-mortem report has been told that she was first strangled then hanged from the ceiling to make it look like a case of suicide on her part. This incident took place a week back.

When Zahra’s family members were informed by the cruel husband about her death, they rushed to see her and what a shock they had to go through.

Her post mortem report revealed that she had several cuts and bruises on her body and was strangled but she did not hang herself from the ceiling. As she was already dead before being hanged and neither her eyes nor her tongue was protruding out.

Now the hashtag #JusticeForZahra is trending on Twitter and people are raising their voice to put an end to the domestic violence and justice be prevailed. Zahra’s husband Ali Salman should be hanged just like the way he did to his wife.

An FIR has been filed against this brutal man according to which he has been charged with murder under section 302 of the Pakistan Penal Code.

It is time that we speak up against abuse and serve hard punishments to the perpetrators so that people should think twice before committing such horrendous crimes.

May Sadaf Zahra’s soul rest in peace. Ameen.

Journalist Ali Salman Alvi is behind bars for allegedly murdering his wife and covering it up as a suicide.


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