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Man arrested for torturing wife in Pakistan after she refused to dance in front of his friends

Woman tortured after refusing to dance in front of husband’s friends

Police have arrested a man in Lahore for allegedly beating his wife and shaving her head, after she refused to dance in front of his friends.

The incident sparked wide condemnation and uproar on social media and after which Minister of State for Interior Shehryar Khan Afridi took notice of the incident and instructed the IG Police to arrested the culprit.

twitter@/ShehryarAfridi1I have asked IG Punjab to furnish report of incidence of Women under assault by her husband in DHA Lahore. I have further directed to ensure safety & medical facilities to her. State is all Aware to protect our daughters & sisters from toxic relationships. Zero tolerance IA

Federal Human Rights Minister Shireen Mazari has confirmed that Lahore police have arrested the husband of a woman who was alleged beaten up for refusing to dance in front of his friends.

Victim woman Asma Aziz, a Lahore resident, told that she married Mian Faisal about four years ago, six months after the marriage her husband habitually started beating her.

Asma Aziz claimed in a video that her husband Mian Faisal and his friends beat her with pipes, on 27th March 2019. He shaved her head, hang her from the fan and threatened to strangle her when she refused to dance in front of them.

In the video, she goes on to say that her husband ripped off her clothes in the presence of his employees. “The employees held me
down while he shaved off my hair with machine and burned them.”

She further said that she was subjected to domestic violence routinely since she married Faisal four years ago.

Asma added that she somehow managed to escape from the house the next day to the police station, where she was asked for money and not even given a registration slip against her complaint.

She was also refused medical treatment as the police kept asking her for money.

Asma further appealed to the public to help her out as her parents are dead and she has no one to look out for her.

Police said in a statement that the incident had taken place in Lahore’s Defense Housing Authority area, a neighborhood originally built for army officers.

Police have arrested two men including husband, registered an FIR against Mian Faisal, husband of victim woman and another man, under Sections 337-v and 506.

Police are also looking for Faisal’s friends who witnessed the beating.


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