Home Entertainment The Legend Of Gujrat Osman Mir UK Tour By TLC EVENTS Review

The Legend Of Gujrat Osman Mir UK Tour By TLC EVENTS Review

The Legend Of Gujrat Osman Mir UK Tour By TLC EVENTS Review

Osman Mir is fast becoming a name to be reckoned with in the music industry. Osman Mir has been singing in Hindi movies Since 2013. He has gained immense popularity and recognition in the last 15 years.Osman Mir songs has been featured mainly in Hindi and Gujrati movies. Having started out as a tabla player, he went on to garner fame as a singer – especially in the Folk, Devotional and Ghazals genres. With Mor Bani Thangat Kare from Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Magnum Opus Goliyon Ki Rasleela Ram Leela he entered the spectrum of Bollywood as well.

Osman Mir second show was in Leicester Haymarket theatre it was organised by TLC events. People were waiting outside the venue seem very excited. I had that feeling in my heart it will be some kind of Traditional Gujarati event where Osman Mir will be singing Garbha songs but i was in complete shock.

Kajal Sehmi from Dilse Radio was the host of night she came on the stage in beautiful wine color saree and welcome everyone after greetings she invited all the musicians on stage two tabla nawaz and one keyboard player and a percussionist along with banjo player came on stage and took their places then she invited the main man the Pride of Gujrat Osman Mir on stage as soon as he entered the stage everyone started clapping and whistling.

Osman Mir began the evening with a beautifull urdu ghazal writted by Parveen Shakir ” Shab ki tanhai ki mein ab tu aksar” and then he mixed it with bollywood film song dil hai k manta nahin mashing two completely different songs together is not easy job but the turnout of song was amazing.

I was there thinking now he will sing in Gujarati maybe that’s the only one song he sang in Hindi but then again Osman Mir surprised the audience with another song of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Shab ” Sanu ik pal chain na ave ” he sang is so beautifully in his own style it’s very difficult to sing Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali khan Sahab compositions specially the high notes but Osman Mir did excellent job everyone was in complete shock and it was like magic created while he was singing and doing Sargam in his own unique style.He continued to sing as the crowd applauded

Osman Mir then sang another master piece of Legend Late Reshma Jii ” LAMBI JUDAI ” in his powerful voice the feeling was amazing I was getting Goosebumps it was good start then the musical night went on he sang Gujrati Garbha song even thought i did not understand gujrati but i was still loving it as i turned around i could see ladies standing on their seats and doing Garbha dance with joy.

The night did not end there Osman mir sang many Bollywood movies hit songs of rahat fateh ali khan ” Main tenu samjawan ki ” and ” Teri yaad ” after the ten minutes break Osman mir paid Tribute to Madam Farida Khannum jee by singing on of her famous Poem ” Aaj Jane ki zid na karo ” its written by Pakistani Poet Fayyaz Hasmi. This song is sang by many Famous artistes like Asha Bhosle. Osman Mir sang ” Lag ja gallay ” by Lata Mangeskhar jee and asked the audience to sing along with him what a beautiful moment that was everyone moving their head with joy and singing with him. The performance left everyone spellbound he sang few mix old melodies songs and this part came to an end.

We were in the last part of this beautiful music night where he start singing some sufi songs he began with the famous Sufi poem ” Chaap Tilk ” this poem was composed by Amir Khusro a 14th Century Sufi Mystic. The poem has a romantic expression and this poem has been sung in Qawali format by Indian and Pakistani Qawal. Osman Mir has gifted voice for sure as he took us to another level by singing Famous Dhamal ” DAMA DAM MAST QALANDAR ” it is spiritual song.

I could hear everyone chanting once more once more as they have limited times and so much to sing he had to carry on with another song it was hit after a hit ” sanso ki mala ” and then ” teri dewani ” we did not wanted this concert to finish but it came to an end where he sang one of his most hit song ” Mor Bani Thangat Kare ” .

So the Audience were treated to plenty songs including Ghazals and old bollywood melodies and sufi and Gujrati Garbha it was indeed a night to remember for all music lovers of the Leicester city.

Osman Mir is very talented and we are proud to bring him to uk for the second time says Rakesh Radia of TLC event.

Osman Mir is very good friend of mine but Osman mir is most versatile singer i have ever heard he has such a powerful and beautiful voice. he sing with no barriers says Raj Radia of TLC event.

Osman Mir is great singer It was great night for everyone. we will try to bring more concert like this for the audience of Leicester in coming months says Nehal Radia of TLC event.

Osman Mir has personally gave me flowers and said he is respectful to me by heart i am honored its big thing for me i am very proud of Osman Mir and he is very down to earth person he even asked me to come on stage while he was performing and asked me to dance for audience says Sachin Shukla

We would like to congratulate TLC Events for successful UK tour.

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