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Promoters who are dishonest and misleading fans into purchasing tickets for live concerts

There has been a considerable rise in live concerts happening all over the UK, new promoters are signing artists from back home just for meet and greet events and misleading the public. The promoters advertise the event like it’s a full live entertainment concert and in fact it’s only a meet and greet event, which is misleading and leaving fans very disappointed.

South Asians peoples living in the UK are working hard in their daily lives and when they hear of an artist coming from back from their home country to perform in the UK, they want to go to see the concert, to enjoy an evening out with friends and family. They are prepared to spend their hard earnings for tickets not knowing they won’t even get chance to see their favourite artist performing their much-loved songs as some of the shows are advertised misleadingly.

When Promoters sign the artists for meet and greet events it’s not as costly as they don’t invite the artists live band & make more profit charging the same price for tickets when there is no performance by the artist, but artists need to know it’s breaking their fans heart as most of the promoters don’t advertise the event accurately. When finally, fans realise the event is only a meet and greet event they are unfortunately unable to do anything about it as most of these events refund policy says no refund.

We can advise our readers how to avoid this in future.When booking a ticket for a show read the poster properly and check if it says the artist is performing with full live band and also check who is the TV partner for that event most of the TV channels always check the contract between promoter and artist before advertising on their TV channel also if in doubt contact the advertising company first, and ensure if it’s an experienced promoter and check their official website to see who is the director of that company if there is no details provided of the promoter its likely to be a unreliable promoter and make sure they are selling the tickets via a reputable partner, always check the refund policy.

Buy tickets from trusted websites, buying tickets from the box office website would be the preferred option as it is secure and if anything goes wrong the box office will refund the money to the customers.


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