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TikTok is Banned in Pakistan! for ‘immoral, indecent’ content

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority on Friday blocked video-sharing app TikTok, citing “immoral and indecent” content.

According to a press release, in view of “complaints” and the “nature of content being consistently posted on TikTok”, PTA issued a “final notice” to the app.

TikTok was given “considerable time” to respond and comply with instructions to effectively moderate “unlawful online content”, said PTA.

“However, the application failed to fully comply with the instructions, therefore, directions were issued for blocking of TikTok application in the country,” the statement said.

TikTok has been informed that the authority “is open for engagement” and will review its decision if it finds a “satisfactory mechanism” has been employed by the video-sharing app to moderate “unlawful content”.

Moments after the news broke, the app began to show a blank interface with no text or images loading.

Furthermore, the “For You” section was also blank with nothing but a black screen appearing for users.

Upon using the “Discover” feature, another white screen appeared for the “Users” tab. Furthermore, items in the “Top”, “Videos”, “Sounds” and “Hashtags” tabs also failed to load.

TikTok has been told that the authority is “open for engagement”, it said in the same statement, and the decision could still be reviewed.

Reuters reported that the decision was taken after Imran Khan, Pakistan’s prime minister, took an interest in the issue. He had instructed the telecoms authority to discourage vulgar content, the news agency reported.

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