‘Right To Left’, Music by Dr Zeus, lyrics penned by Kaptaan, produced by K2 Records.






The singer posted an image for the song on her social media platforms announcing the release date. From the replies, it’s obvious that Sandeep’s songs are truly resonated with her fans. Sandeep has appreciated hearing  messages from her fan’s during lockdown who were eagerly awaiting her next release.

Sandeep has previously had  hits like Chocolate, Jatti Di Yaari, Goli Wargi, to name a few.

Right To Left is a totally different concept where you see Sandeep performing at her best which is complemented by music by Dr Zeus. Sandeep has definitely proved her versatility and determination, and hard work when it comes to ‘Right To Left’

Sandeep formally  trained  in classical music from Ustad Harinder Singh Mohni at his music academy in Mohali, Punjab.  Sandeep originally from Barnala, Punjab, graduated from Punjab University. Sandeep has been interested in music from childhood, gaining recognition by winning  competitions at school, college, University, which had led to her success into the music industry,  delivering high quality music again and again. 

There is no stopping Sandeep, fan’s will see her working with some of the biggest producers in the music industry in coming months.

             Your new track Right to Left is gaining a lot of attention how does that make u feel ?

  1. It feels very good. It’s the moment I have been waiting for and feels like my efforts are finally being rewarded. My previous three tracks in India garnered a lot of attention but to come to the Uk for the first time and work with an iconic producer like Dr Zeus and then public liking the song is very humbling and rewarding

How did you come up with the concept ? (vocals & video story)

  • K2 records my label and management company have a team who along with my input select the songs. The very famous writing duo KAPTAAN are a big part of this team and are my delegated writers by the label. We came up with a number of songs. This song stood out and from the beginning the team felt a song that dr Zeus should produce. He was contacted and he agreed to do the song after listening to my vocals and assessing my previous work. The composition was my own and the singing or the vocal style was my idea. My record label give me a lot of freedom to express myself and I try to do that. As far as the video was concerned the team agreed it should be a performance,  based video rather than a story based one. My personality and screen presence was the focus. Director Whiz who is a well known music video director again gave me a lot of freedom in expressing myself. He accommodated all my suggestions for which I am grateful       

What was it like working with Dr Zeus ?

  • Working with DR Zeus was surreal, meeting him was even more surreal. A person you grew up watching on TV is right there besides you, performing with you, showing you respect, giving you his valuable time…. WOW, he is so humble and down to earth it was an honour to be working with him. When someone like dr zeus appreciated my efforts it was such a humbling and rewarding experience. I would also like thank Mac G for his efforts for bringing this whole project together. His efforts are well and truly appreciated. Rajesh Bawa from Punjeeri productions is another person who gave his valuable time and efforts for this project, my sincere thanks to him.

Why did you decide to go into singing ?

  •  I come from a musical family mu father sings and writes mostly devotional poetry about Sikhism. My brother Sukh Krpalewala recently had a big hit with Miss pooja, IK NUMBER DI CHEEZ the video featured current craze Himanshi Khurana. So from an early age I grew up in a musical environment. As a child I loved performing. Won numerous awards at school then college and the university. So in the back of my mind I always wanted to get into singing, I took professional and classical training from Rajinder Singh Mohini’s academy in Mohali, Punjab. Then it was a waiting game for the right offer. My brother was friendly with Sujal Ferozepuria manage of K2 Records in India. He sent my vocals to the management in UK, they liked my voice and I was offered a contract by K2 records. I am grateful for the opportunity they have given me to showcase my talent, more than anything for believing in me.

Were your family supportive?

  • My family from day one have supported me. We belong to a small village near Barnala, people are very conservative and do not believe girls should join this profession. Extended members of my family chastised my father for encouraging me to sing and follow my dreams, He endured a lot of backbiting and insults but always protected me from it. My coming so far thanks to the efforts of K2 records and its team, is dedicated to my father and his support and belief in me.

You have been professionally? What did your training consist off?

  1. My training is Indian classical music. I learnt the elementaries of classical music, on which the whole ethos of classical music is based. It laid the base for my sound. I received extensive vocal training. Different exercises, for example what vocal exercise I should do when I sing at a higher pitch and touch the higher notes. When I sing softly I do different vocal exercises. With practice and training I have developed a varied vocal style. I also learnt to play the harmonium and often do my own compositions.

Training, were you disciplined with what you wanted to achieve?

  • In India we still have the old Guru – shishiya, system, where you have life long relationship with your Guru. As per this system your learning never ends and the discipline that is instilled into you from the beginning stays with you for ever. I still follow the same routine

What is your daily routine you prepare your vocals etc?

  • My daily routine is I wake up early around 6.00am, I have a quick wash, then I pray, I am a devout SIKH and do my NITNEM (daily prayers morning and evening). Then I have my breakfast. Then it’s to physical exercise. After a small rest I start my vocal exercise. On average I spend on average 2 hours a session working on my vocal chords. I have to be very careful of what I eat and drink. During the day spend a lot of time on working on new tunes. Other than this its studio work, song selection, planning of videos. And of now dealing with media. I am Lucky I have KULLY, she is GOD sent who looks after the PR side of things but believe me she is a lot more than that. Gives me strength and always makes me feel safe.

You have academic qualifications. Tell us a bit about them?

  • I am a graduate of political science from Punjab University Chandigarh. But music was my passion and chosen profession.

Who inspired you to go into this field?

  • My father more than anyone. He believed in me. He used to play songs by yester year singers. Shamshad Begum, Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhonsle, Noor Jahan, Punjabi legend Parkash kaur and Surinder kaur. His favourites Kamaljeet Neeru, Parminder sandhu. But my inspiration is my father.

Which artist do you look up to?

  • I have a fondness for old Bollywood songs. Maybe because of my father, I love songs of Arijit Singh, Atif Aslam, Jasmine Sandlas. I listen to most of the female Punjabi singers Rupinder Handa, Nimrat Khaira, Sunanda Sharma, Gurlez Akhtar, Afsana Khan. I listen to Naseebo lal, another favourite of my fathers, Abida Parveen Ji and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan Ji and Arif Lohar Ji. They are all good and an inspiration to everyone who wants to join this profession. They are the epitome of hard work and professionalism

As an artist has it been difficult for you to enter the industry?

  • It has been very difficult. I suppose forging a career in any field is difficult, but music and entertainment are very hard. You face a lot of rejections. it’s a big money game and it is hard to convince people to invest in you. I thank almighty God that I got signed by K2 records, who have given me a platform and canvass to showcase my talent beyond my dreams.

K2 records, how did your journey begin with them?

  • My brother knew Sujal Ferozpuria who manages K2 Records in India. During a casual meeting Sujal mentioned that K2 records was looking or a female singer whom they could record and promote. My brother suggested my name played him my vocals. He asked for a recording, a couple with my singing and a couple where im performing in front of the camera. After another round of audition tapes, was offered a contract. Terms and conditions were sent to me. We as family looked into them and asked a few questions, which were answered in depth. Then we signed a contract and work started immediately. Not only on my songs but on my whole persona. How they wanted to position me in the industry, my looks, my style of singing, etc. the whole process from audition till now has been very professional, yet it seems so informal. Its always a family like atmosphere. I have had full support from the company and freedom to express myself.

How do you think the Asian music industry is developing?

  1. The Asian music is very strong, especially Punjabi Music. Punjabi Music has always been the backbone of Bollywood. More and more singers, lyricists and music producers are involved in Bollywood. The Punjabi Pop scene or should I say the Asian Pop scene around the world is shining bright. I listen to various radio stations here in the UK and amazed by some of the productions. The cross over and collaboration of different genres is amazing and hopefully I can be a part of it. I am so excited that very soon I will be starting work on my maiden album and one of the producers on it is Roach Killa. I have had a couple of studio sessions and what an experience. K2 Records have given us the freedom to experiment with the style of music and we intend to come up with some new tunes very soon. Hope and pray you guys will like and support us on our efforts

As a female artist would you say it is hard for females to enter the industry?

  • Especially in India it is very hard. People still attach a stigma to female singers. The way our society is it is very hard for a female artist to approach a record label. As they are male dominated. The ratio between female artists and male artists is too big. But artist like Nimrat Khaira, Sunanada Sharma, Afsana Khan are demanding and getting budgets on the level of some of the male artists in the industry. Which from a female point of view is very encouraging and inspiring. I feel there is still a long way to go. My experience with K2 Records and how they manage my career, constructing a team with more female members for me is inspiring and welcoming. As my peers have inspired me and they were inspired by female artists before them, one day I hope I can be an inspiration to the girls who follow me and thos of my generation who are having second thoughts or are about to give up, I hope they look at me and think work hard and believe in yourself and you have a chance. As Guru Gobind Singh Ji said “VICTORY WITH DETERMINATION”


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