Home News A Pakistani woman claim to be daughter of US President Donald Trump

A Pakistani woman claim to be daughter of US President Donald Trump

Pakistani woman named Ammara Mazhar has claimed to be the daughter of US President Donald Trump

Seeking justice, Ammara reached Supreme Court Lahore Registry yesterday. She is pleading Chief Justice to send her back to her father, Donald Trump.

She claims that Trump married her mom and used to call her an irresponsible woman.

Ammara reportedly requested the top court’s Registry in Lahore to send her back to her home country – the United States.

Outside the court, when she was asked the reason for her arrival; the lady said she wants justice from the top court.

Ammara claimed to have been kidnapped when she was young and that she was brought to Pakistan by force and asked the court to send her back.

She urged people not consider this a joke as she was a ‘serious person.’

The lady in Hijab said she wanted to make it clear that she was a Muslim by religion and those who are spreading false rumors regarding her religion must stop.

This turned more interesting when Ammara told the TV reporter that her self-claimed father, Trump, had given all of her money to Pakistani politicians and now she wants the top court to help get her money back.

She said she misses her father [Trump] and Trump also misses her.

Her video is making rounds on Twitter, where people are making different hilarious comments about her. One of the Twitter users, a doctor by profession, tweeted that the girl was mentally unstable and needed medical attention.

“She has manic disorder a character of bipolar disorder. The characteristic finding here is that she has racing thoughts, Shahbaz Sharif, India, Trump, billo, world on foot. These are unconnected thoughts. Plus she has delusions about trump being her father,” tweeted Fizan.


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